Tuesday, March 15


Hey guys, I know ive been a bit quiet lately. Due to my part time job and moving into my new flat. Ive now had some great news! Ive been asked to get involved in the live art side of StreetFest again this year in london. Its on the 29th May at Hearne St carpark again. Im well exited... its just what I needed to get off my arse and get drawing some london street scenes :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, im doing an artist study on you for my gsce art, and i cant find much about your inspiration for your pieces and how you create them, it would be soooooooo appreciated if you could reply, so i could tell my art teacher i havent just copied and pasted nonsense from wiki, thankyou! Lauren

jessie douglas said...

yeah...email me lymejuliet@yahoo.co.uk